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Err, who ? Fiona Green was one of the stars of the (sadly now finished) BBC "Vet's in Practice" series. She is also, in my humble opinion, one of, if not, the sexist vet in Britain. My other nominee would be Emma Milne, also from "Vet's in Practice" (who may well also get a site of her own, particularly from the number of times she turns up in search engine lists. In the meantime, you can visit Emma's own web site at 'Emma the Vet').

Sadly, Fiona was not one of the major stars of the series, which means that we don't see an awful lot of her, and also means that this site is always going to be small. After getting a first class honours in Physiology at Magdalen College, Oxford (and rowing for the college), she moved to Bristol University's Vet school. Following her graduation as a vet, she worked for a while in various parts of Britain. She then spent a year and a bit working in the Bahamas with her boyfriend, as a part-time diving guide, doing video's of 'shark feeding time' for the tourists (and surviving the odd hurricane). During this time, she appeared in an American TV commercial, acting as a stunt double in the underwater shark scenes. She was also doing part-time vet work for the Bahamas Humane Society, which has enabled her to maintain, and increase, her skills. Some of the other jobs she has managed to fit in with her career include a shepherd, a parlour maid and a dive master in Turkey!

She returned to the UK after being offered a promotion at her old practice in Reading. She was also looking forward to the challenge of setting up a home for the first time and finally putting down some roots. She has since moved to a newly opened practice, within the same Veterinary group, in Fleet, Hampshire. This has given her the opportunity to 'get in on the ground floor' and be actively involved in the challenges of getting a practice up and running (this seems to have become a recurrent theme with the female stars of the series). Recently, her role in the practice has expanded with her promotion to an Associate Partner (congratulations, Fiona, from all your fans), bringing her a whole new set of challenges. There was even the hint of marriage in the air to her long term boyfriend.

According to a recent biog that was posted on the web, she is keen to expand her media experience, in particular within the presenting field, focusing on science and technology, natural history and travel. Maybe (hopefully) she will again grace our TV screens.

Although the show is no longer on, you can still get your 'Fiona-fix' by taking a trip to my Gallery pages (all new images on page 1, older images on page 2 and page 3) and enjoying a few minutes in the presence of the lovely Fiona Green.

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