The Twins

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Over the time that this site has been running, I've created various extra things to go with it (all of which I actually have on my own home computer). I've decided that they should all be brought together in one place, rather than scattered over various pages. This will make it easier for you to find things and for me to add things as I finish them. So here you are - the complete B*Lynch you soon downloads.

The Screensavers

I've spent a bit of time looking for a program that would let me easily produce good screen savers for Keavy and Edele. Finally, I found it. Using some of my favouite pictures from the site, I've created one screen saver for Keavy and one for Edele. Both files are about 1 MB zipped files. Once you've extracted the file, just click on it and it will self-install onto your system.

Click here to download the Keavy Screensaver
Click here to download the Edele Screensaver

The Winamp Skins

I've just worked out how to put this together - three done and I have plans for an individual skin for Keavy, as soon as I find the right picture. All my skins work best with the visualization option in Winamp turned off (I don't think it adds anything and it just gets in the way of the picture). If you don't have Winamp, click here to go to the Winamp site and grab it (these skins were built for Winamp 2.x. They will work in Winamp 3, but don't look anywhere near as good. Once I work out how to do a Winamp 3 skin, I'll post it). Each skin is contained in a zip file - download the file, unzip it, and put the skin (a file with a WSZ extension) into your 'Winamp\skins' directory and then select it from within Winamp. You can also download all the skins in one zip file.

Original Picture The Skin  
skin1str.jpg skin1fin.jpg Click here to download (340kb)
skin2str.jpg skin2fin.jpg Click here to download (342kb)
edele skin.jpg edele final.jpg Click here to download (338kb)
Click here to get all current skins in one file

Edele becomes Keavy becomes Edele

Using a couple of pictures from this site, I put together a little MPEG of Edele becoming Keavy becoming Edele again. It's a bit of fun, and on some levels, even a little scary ! Download it (zipped file size 687 kb) and see what you think.

Put Keavy and Edele on your Desktop !

Choose your favourite - have Keavy or Edele on your desktop. If you just can't decide, you can take both of them.

  Picture size (all files are zipped)
edelebmp.jpg 640x480
kevybmp.jpg 640x480
kepict.jpg 640x480

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