The Twins

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The youngest of the twins, Edele, as the main spokesperson for the group, is the 'face' of B*Witched. She is the one we see most in all the group interviews. And I, for one, am not complaining ! A voice that just grabs you by the soul and the face of an angel - ahh, life is sweet !

As more pictures of the lovely Edele have been added to the site, I've had to move all the pictures onto 3 Gallery pages - page 1 with the most recent images and page 2 and 3 with the not so recent stuff. Check them out and spend a few minutes in the presence of beauty !

Edele wins the 2004 poll.

There should really have been no doubt on this. Edele continues to be the twin that the world loves most. We haven't seen her for years and only have Girls Aloud to thank for letting us know that she is still in the music business, but the fans have not forgotten the magic she gave us. Edele is the Queen of the polls for 2004.

New Image - 2004.

The fans of the twins are still around - I'm grateful to Erin at wmconnent for sending me some new pictures of the twins, taken some time between 2001 and 2004. I've added a new montage of Edele, including 'blonde' Edele - personally, I don't think she does it as well as Keeves though. If you have any new pictures of Keavy or Edele, please send them in - it's always good to see either twin again after all these years.

The latest B*Witched song.

Well, sort of anyway. Track 5 ('Some kind of miracle') on the debut Girls Aloud album has a co-writing credit for a certain Edele Lynch. Yep, Eddie is back writing songs. It's the closest we have now to a B*Witched track, so nurture it. If anyone else spots Edele getting a writing credit on a song, let me know and I'll post it here.

Edele reappears.

Since the release of 'Jump Down', Edele has been the invisible twin. We've seen Keeves on TV and in party pictures, but no sign of Edele. Her success in my poll, and emails I've received, have shown that she is very much missed by her fans. I am indebted to Sam at Lindsey's official site for letting me know that there were recent pictures of Edele posted. Take at look at my Twins page for a montage of Edele and Keavy a few months ago - it's great to see her back on the right side of the camera again.

The Edele Winamp skin

After looking for a while, I managed to find a picture of Edele that I thought worthy of being converted into a Winamp skin. A few weeks of work (they don't make it easy) and it's ready - pick it up from my downloads page

Edele goes Racing (virtually)

Courtesy of B*Lynch you soon, Edele now has a team in the fantasy Formula 1 contest. Go to my B*Lynch you Racing page to see how she is getting along.

Edele wins the 2003 poll

Will she ever be stopped ? The fourth yearly poll on the site, the fourth year that Edele wins it. Another win, with a massive margin, Edele is the queen of the 2003 poll.

Edele wins the 2002 poll

The third year of the poll to see which twin you love the best, the third year that Edele wins it. The face and voice of B*Witched, the face and voice you love. She's been less visible than Keeves, but we haven't forgotten her and you have voted her the winner of the 2002 poll.

Edele wins the 2001 poll

For the second year running, the World has spoken with it's mice and said 'Yes, Edele is our favourite Twin. It's her we love the most'. After a year when B*Witched were noticeable for their absence, the fans have not forgotten (how could we ?) and they have voted Edele the winner of my 2001 poll. Will it be a clean sweep in 2002, or can Keeves come back and stop a runaway ?

Edele wins the 2000 poll

Ever since I started this site, I've been running a little poll to see who the world liked better - Keavy or Edele. Some people have said that it's unfair, how can you chose between them ? I agree, it is difficult. Keavy does it for me, but Edele does it for more of the world and, in the end, she won the 2000 poll and gets the award. Better luck next year Keeves !!

The Edele downloads

In a little bit of a re-organization, I've moved the 'Edele becomes Keavy becomes Edele' movie and the Edele wallpaper to my new downloads page. Take a look and pick up your Edele wallpaper or Lynch Twin Winamp skin.

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