The Twins

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Now acknowledged as the pivotal force behind the creation of B*Witched (she was the person who introduced Edele, Sinead and Lindsay to each other), Keavy, the oldest of the twins, initially seemed one of the shyest members of the group and we really didn't see an awful lot of her. Thankfully, the change to a new, shorter haircut seemed to give her a lot more confidence and she is rapidly becoming the Number 2 spokesperson for the band, as well as the number 2 solo singer, switching with Edele during some songs (dare we hope for a B*Witched single with Keavy on lead ??). It has also, in my humble opinion, given her an air of smouldering sensuality which just makes her more attractive every time you see her (but I'm just so biased). A recent look for Keavy was a big move towards blonde (see the newer images on the Gallery pages). For some people, blonde just doesn't work. Keeves is not one of them. I personally liked it - it gave her a whole new look (slightly younger, I think) and separated her a bit more from Edele. The most recent pictures (the newest is posted on my Twins page) have shown that she has moved back to her natural darker look. She still looks fabulous, but I do hanker after 'blonde Keavy'

Due to the size of my collection, all of Keavy's pictures have now been moved to separate pages :

Gallery - contains the new images
Gallery II - even more of my collection
Gallery III - yes, I had to go to 3 pages to make it look right.
Gallery IV - wait, we've expanded to 4 pages now.
Gallery V - yep, expanding up to 5 pages to fit it all in.

If you want to see even more of the absolutely gorgeous Keavy, check out the extensive pictures at or Keavy online (stop off here to find out how to add a bit of Keavy to your web browser) and take a look at 'The Many Faces of Keavy'

New image - 2004

The fans of the twins are still around - I'm grateful to Erin at wmconnent for sending me some new pictures of the twins, taken some time between 2001 and 2004. I've added a new montage of Keavy (and check out Edele on her page with the 'blonde' look - doesn't do it as well as Keeves though). If you have any new pictures of Keavy or Edele, please send them in - it's always good to see either twin again after all these years.

Keavy goes Racing (virtually)

Courtesy of B*Lynch you soon, Keavy now has a team entered in the Formula 1 fantasy contest. Go to my B*Lynch you Racing page to see how she is getting on.

No, it can't be...

Below is a frame I captured from Keeves' recent appearance on UK Daytime TV. Now, it is just me or is there a resemblance with the late Princess Diana ?
Princess Keavy.jpg

Keavy came to video !

CD1 of the recent 'Jump Down' single contained the live version of 'Leaves', plus the live video for 'Leaves'. If you were at any of the 1999 B*Witched tour concerts, you know that this was Keavy's solo song. Ah, 3 glorious uninterrupted minutes of Keavy ! It was just like being there again....

The Keavy downloads

In a little bit of a re-organization, I've moved the Keavy wallpaper to my new downloads page. Take a look and pick up your Keavy wallpaper or Lynch Twin Winamp skin.

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